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Queen's Guard

The Queen's Guard of Alaska is a 501c3 organization that was originally created in 2019 as a charity organization. It was born of the need to support our friends, our families and our community.  We heard the bigotry spewed through mega phones and screams, we saw the hateful signs. We wanted to find a positive way to stand up between our community and the hate. We chose to do so with chants, drums , songs, and signs of love. 

We found a way to counteract negative and hostile protests with positive, peaceful, non-engaging support of LGBTQI+ youth, adults, and allies. 
Our goal is to educate through positive and respectful means. We recognize that LGBTQI+ people are disproportionately at risk of abuse from society and within their own families, and face many other obstructions due to their gender or sexual orientation. We know this needs to change.

You're not alone. You are loved and supported through all stages of your journey.

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