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Queen's Guard

In January of 2019, there was a group of LGBTQ+ and allies folks who got together to try to make a difference for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults. From that group came The Queen’s Guard, now a 501c3 organization that was formed as a charity in Anchorage, AK with the support of some amazing Drag artists who raised the money for us.
There were several factors that went into the recognition of a need for something like The Queen’s Guard. The two biggest factors were seeing the noticeable increase in anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment and the loss of community members to suicide. While there are a lot of stereotypes and even more misinformation that is being spread about LGBTQ+ people, the research clearly shows that positive regard, support, and acceptance of people for who they are is the best course of action. With that knowledge, we set out to be that wall between LGBTQ+ youth, especially transgender youth, and the hate we heard almost regularly.
We have grown since then. We still support other organizations and events, but we also now hold our own events in Palmer and Wasilla, Alaska.
In 2020, when The Queen's Guard hosted the first Underground Pride in Palmer, AK. The event wasn't advertised, only shared through the community by word of mouth to keep the event safe - so we called it Underground Pride as a nod to the style of the old school raves and speakeasies, just without the drugs and alcohol.
While the term Underground Pride isn't unique to the Queen's Guard, there are several other groups who have since started using it, the name has stayed as our event has grown. From humble beginnings at a local Palmer campground with only 3 vendors to Underground Pride at The Alaska State Fairgrounds with 100+ Alaskan vendors, food trucks, entertainment, and activities!
We started off with a mission of recognizing that the overbearing voices of the minority did not represent the quiet voices of the majority. We have grown, learned a lot, and as a result our mission has grown and changed as well. Now, the mission of The Queen’s Guard is to nurture acceptance, joy, community, and safe spaces for LGBTQ+ Alaskans, especially youth, and allies.
We are The Queen’s Guard. We are LGBTQ+ and allies. We are your neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends.  Come and see.

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